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The Israeli Krav Maga Association was founder
 by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) and a group of his
 senior ranking students on October 22, 1978
  The express purpose of the Association was to create a public organizational structure and vehicle to support practitioners of the Israeli Krav Maga

  Imi continued to enhance and develop his system within the framework of the Israeli Krav Maga Association.  Imi sought to do the following: Develop the correct solutions to avoid conflict or to survive and prevail in a violent situation (i.e. what to do). Develop the best teaching venues and silos to solidify and spread krav maga (i.e. how to teach).Enlarge the circle of Krav Maga practitioners by creating national and international recognition of the Israeli Krav Magas importance, efficiency, and easy learning curve.

  Imi continued his work from 1978 through 1998, developing, refining, and disseminating the system in Haim Gidons training clubs. Imi passed away on January 8, 1998.  Grandmaster Haim Gidon now follows in Imis footsteps.

 In 1994, Haim Gidon was nominated by the IKMAs general assembly of members and instructors as the IKMAs permanent President.  Importantly, Imis ratified this vote. Grandmaster Haim Gidon received his 8th dan from Imi in 1996.
Upon granting Haim his 8th dan, Imi publicly declared that 9th and 10th dans were to come directly recognizing Haim as his successor.  Grandmaster Haim Gidon now holds a 10th degree black belt level as the head of the system. (press to see video)  In recognition of Grandmaster Gidon, along with his sons.  Ohad and Noam, whose collective contribution and continued development of the Israeli system honors Imis legacy, the IKMA has added the Gidon surname to the formal title of the IKMA, which is now designated the IKMA Gidon System.  The name symbolizes Imis original organization which is continued by Grandmaster Gidon.

 There are currently several splinter organizations, whose founders began their training and careers within our Association, which now practice their interpretations of the Krav Maga.

  Israeli Krav Maga is recognized by the Israeli government as a formal martial arts system.  Krav Maga is taught extensively within civilian organizations, schools, community centers and martial arts clubs along with the Israel Defense Forces.  Professional diplomas for instructors and coaches are formal legal documents recognized as pre-requisite teaching credentials by government establishments.

  The registered symbol of the IKMA indicates the quality and source of training achieved by the awardee.  Certifications are signed by the sponsoring instructor and the President of the Association.

  For quality and authenticity purposes, the IKMA forbids any unauthorized use of its registered logos:

  Only a valid signed agreement with the IKMA authorizes formal use. Both logos are used concurrently in Europe while the GIDON.SY is the official IKMA logo used in the United States.  The IKMAs symbol has, on occasion, been misappropriated by unscrupulous parties who take advantage of the IKMAs reputation and goodwill.  The IKMA actively opposes such misuse.

  Anyone interested in the study of Israeli krav maga and becoming a member of the IKMA may participate in periodic seminars and is invited to contact us by mail , Netanya, Israel or by email.

  The Israeli Krav Maga Association conducts a minimum of two courses per year (December and July) at the Israeli Krav Maga Association Gidon Systems main training center, 21 Ben Zion Street, Netanya, Israel.  All courses and seminars are conducted by Grandmaster Haim Gidon. 





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