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The Israeli Krav Maga Association conducting four Courses in a year, in the Israeli Krav Maga Association main training center on 21 Ben Zion st. Netanya Israel:

 1. International Instructors Course on July. 

2. International Seminar on december

3. International Seminar on march

4. International Seminar

All the Courses and Seminars will be conduct by grand master Haim Gidon.

Courses at the IKMA , delivery by head of
the system Mr. Haim Gidon

The IKMA conducts instructor courses, Instructor supplemental seminars, and preliminary pre-instructor seminars. These activites occur in Israel and abroad.

3. International Seminar on March 2016 - in Israel Netanya Ben Zion 21 now is open. Course taught by Grandmaster Mr. Haim Gidon.

Registration for  International Seminar December in Israel 2014 now open.The seminar date range 21.12.2014 - 25.12.2014 Course taught by Grandmaster Mr. Haim Gidon.

 Registration for The International Instruction course in Israel, Netanya Ben Zion 21at July 02.07.2017 - 14.07.2017 is now open! Course taught by Grandmaster Mr. Haim Gidon.

Individuals or parties interested in the study of self defense or face to face close combat may train in the main dojo, with Mr. Haim Gidon in Natanya , or at any other IKMA affiliated club.

The IKMA pro-instructors conduct courses for individuals and groups.

The instructors who instruct at activities abroad are:

                        Grandmaster Mr. Haim Gidon

                                 Ohad Gidon     -   Dan 6
                                 Yoav Krayn    -  Dan 5
                                 Yigal Arbiv       - Dan 5
                                 Noam Gidon    - Dan 5
                                 Moshe Steve   - Dan 4

Courses for individuals and groups, done on standard curriculum or on custom - made curriculum, as required by the customer, and training during vacations, all may be ordered by anyone interested in the relevant content.

Courses are done under he supervision and coaching of the head of the system Mr. Haim Gidon.


The recent Instructor course and instructor – aide course had been completed.

The course had been done in July-August 2005, with participants
from Israel, US, Ireland, Holland, France and Poland.

The international instructor course on July 2006 in Israel, finished successfully , with participants from several countries.

The Ikma may be approached by mail to         Natanya , Israel,
or by prssing e-mail buttons below:


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